Why invest your precious benefit dollars in our EFAP?

  • Every year at least 10% of your employees experience personal problems they can't leave behind in the parking lot...problems that will diminish productivity, increase health care costs and hurt your company's bottom line.  Current Human Resources research indicates that employees with personal issues are absent 6 times more often than others, use more extended health care benefits, file higher rates of disability claims and grievances, create supervisory and administration problems, decrease workplace morale and are 15% more likely to have workplace accidents.
  • On average, troubled employees cost an employer $5,000/yr - and an additional $3,000/yr if that employee is depressed. Those with addiction issues further increase these costs through major losses in job effectiveness and productivity each year that the problem remains uncorrected. They have 3.6 times the accident rate and 5 times the number of compensation claims.
  • Each manager spends up to 25% of his or her time grappling with performance issues, co-worker conflicts and other workplace disruptions fueled by interpersonal problems.

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“Creating Healthy Employees, Families and Communities”