Benefits to the Employer

Healthy employees contribute to a successful workplace

Businesses are vulnerable, both emotionally and financially, to an employee's personal difficulties. At least 10% of your employees are experiencing personal problems they can't leave behind in the parking lot... problems that will diminish productivity, increase health care costs and hurt your bottom line. Employers may not know where to turn when an employee's personal or work problems impact their on-the-job performance.  We can help you protect your greatest business asset - your employees. The many ways our agency benefits your workplace include:

  • Employer demonstrates their commitment to well being of employees and families.
  • Increased productivity as a result of employee's improved well being.
  • Decreased accidents or time off due to personal problems or stress.
  • Pride and personal reward comes from building a strong and healthy team of people, not just a company or business.
  • Immediate access to resources around Critical Incident and Trauma Recovery.
  • Consultation, support, training and workshops available to organizations about topics such as team building, stress, conflict resolution and other workplace issues.


Benefits to Work Site:

  • Increases workplace safety.
  • Decreases amount of employee time off due to personal problems, stress or related illnesses.
  • Increases overall morale of employees creating a more positive work place.


“Creating Healthy Employees, Families and Communities”