Services for Employers

Meeting Your Needs

Whatever the size of your employee group, we are committed to anticipating your ever-changing needs and delivering relevant, cost-effective service.  Beyond providing direct access to trained counsellors for your employees, we also offer the following for employers and managers:

  • Guidance about how to support employees with personal or work issues.
  • Performance management guidance for managers concering their employees (eg. disciplinary issues, last chance agreements, addictions issues).
  • Assistance to Human Resources managers around return-to-work and work accommodation needs of employees (eg. short and long term disability, WorkSafeBC compensation).
  • Involvement in company wide educational programs and health and wellness programs.
  • Assistance with tranisitional change efforts.
  • Team building and group dynamics.
  • Trauma and critical incident services (critical incidents debriefings).
  • Educational services and programs, health and wellness presentations.
  • Organizational change management (eg. layoffs, reorganizational change, downsizing and mergers).
  • Training of selected worksite representatives or committees.
  • Regular liaison and consultation with EFAP representatives.
  • Worksite visits to promote and personalize the EFAP/ARS program.


“Creating Healthy Employees, Families and Communities”